Road improvements: A41 Bicester Road public transport corridor

Improvements along the A41 Bicester Road in Aylesbury to create a primary public transport corridor (PPTC).

The project includes:

  • junction improvements
  • intelligent transport systems
  • pedestrian and cycling facility improvements
  • bus stop improvements

Construction timeline

Project start date: January 2021

The project was paused in March 2022 due to an unforeseen incident on site in which contractors inadvertently struck an electricity cable, which resulted in a 5-week stand-down. Work on site recommenced in May 2022.

Following the successful completion of the traffic signal commissioning process, a major milestone has been accomplished with the new traffic signals at the A41/Jackson Road/Dickens Way junction going live on 1 September 2022. In conjunction with this activity, the temporary side road closures were also removed.

Work to fine-tune the signal timings of the junction and help it adapt to traffic flows and patterns (so the junction runs as efficiently as possible) is ongoing. Upcoming work will then focus on optimising the coordination of all traffic signals along the A41 corridor between the Paradise Orchard/Sir Henry Lee Crescent and the Jackson Road/Dickens Way junctions.

Completion date: winter 2022

The project is expected to complete in Winter 2022.

Location of works

A41 Bicester Road, between Sir Henry Lee Crescent (at Aylesbury Vale Parkway Railway Station) and Rabans Lane junction.

Construction working hours

Construction working hours are 8am to 4pm but traffic management operatives will be on site between 7.30am and 5.30pm.

All residents will have access to their properties throughout the works, but you may experience delays.

Projects aims

The A41 Bicester Road corridor is an important strategic transport route linking Aylesbury town centre with Aylesbury Vale Parkway Railway Station. The high volume of traffic using this route daily causes regular congestion, particularly at peak travel times.

Our aim is to create a primary public transport corridor (PPTC) that improves traffic flow for public transport users and general traffic too.

A PPTC is an area that has more than one transport option such as highways, railways or buses.

Completing this project will:

  • reduce congestion between the western boundary of the Berryfields development and the Bicester Road/Gatehouse Road roundabout in Aylesbury
  • reduce journey times and improve journey time reliability for road users
  • improve bus service information so passengers can better plan their journeys

Upcoming works

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