Highways Services Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022


Buckinghamshire Council works to provide Highway Services to manage, maintain and improve Buckinghamshire’s transport network. The Highway Services are designed to support the council’s obligations as highway authority and its transport policies in LTP4 and in so doing supports the four main aims of the council as set out in its Strategic Plan 2020/23:

  • strengthening our communities
  • protecting the vulnerable
  • improving our environment
  • increasing prosperity

Asset management objectives

The council’s Asset Management Policy and Strategy are designed to coordinate the Service’s activities to realise value from its assets in support of those aims, and this overarching Highway Services Policy sets out the approach for delivering Highway Services through the following Asset Management Objectives:

  1. Provide and maintain a network that is safe to use.
  2. Provide a resilient network that maximises availability and accessibility for all and support the local economy and future growth.
  3. Engage effectively to understand the needs of our communities and to communicate service levels and performance.
  4. Manage highways efficiently and effectively to deliver best value and quality optimising available resources.
  5. Optimise the use of energy and natural resources to protect our special environment and contribute to a carbon neutral county.
  6. Embrace and demonstrate best practice, innovations and new technologies in service provision.

Certain behaviours are required to deliver against these objectives and so two additional behavioural objectives specific to Transport for Buckinghamshire employees are adopted:

  1. Maintain safe working practices and the wellbeing of our employees through effective training, development and support.
  2. Work in trusting collaborative partnerships, both internally and externally.