Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022

Asset Management Principles

In meeting its objectives, Buckinghamshire Highways takes a rigorous, data-driven approach to understanding the condition and needs of the highways network.

This provides assurance to Members that work programmes are selected and prioritised in a consistent manner based on sound information. Work programmes are designed to contribute to achieving the six AM objectives based on good intelligence and an understanding of the needs of the community. An Asset Management Framework has been developed to ensure works programmes implemented on the highway meet those objectives.

The framework recognises and develops the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme’s (HMEP) "Asset Management Guidance Document (May 2013)" and its 14 recommendations, and the UK Roads Liaison Group’s document "Well-managed Highway Infrastructure – a Code of Practice (Oct 2016)" and its 36 recommendations.

These documents endorse timely treatment interventions to promote sustainable use of resources.