Highways Development Management Guidance

Our highways development management guidance is a practical working guide to help developers create great places and thriving communities. 

Buckinghamshire is a rapidly growing county and its economy is one of the strongest in the country. As it grows our challenge is to help it remain a thriving, attractive, place to live and work. To do this it is important that growth happens in the right way.

The highways development management guidance includes 31 key guidance points over 4 sections of the report. The sections cover:

  • key principles
  • designing for transport Inside developments
  • managing developments transport impacts
  • delivering works on the highway

Developers should use the guidance to help them prepare successful proposals quickly and effectively.

This document is just part of the council’s efforts to make development work in Buckinghamshire. Developers are strongly encouraged to discuss their proposals with the our highways development management team at the earliest possible stage to see what other support and advice is available.