Grass cutting managed by town and parish councils

Grass cutting activities in Buckinghamshire are split between Buckinghamshire Council and town and parish councils that have agreed to take on more services.

What their services include

By signing up to take on the grass cutting responsibilities, parish and town councils must carry out a number of maintenance tasks and activities.

Urban grass cutting

Parish responsibilities include the cutting of urban grass verges in their defined area, ensuring information on traffic signs is legible to road users and that vision splays (i.e. grass verges at junctions) are cut back to maintain visibility.

Hedge cutting

Parishes are responsible for cutting hedges which are a danger to road users. Landowners must be found in the first instance and issued a hedge cutting notice. If they cannot be found or they have not cut the hedge (and it is still deemed a danger), parishes will cut the hedge.

Siding out

Parish and town councils (listed above), "side out" overgrown footpaths. This includes ensuring that soil, weeds or grass do not cover footpaths or signs. Where the overgrowth comes from private land but covers a public owned footpath or sign, parishes will contact the land owner to request that it is cut back.

Rights of way clearance

The above parishes are responsible for clearing the paths listed on Buckinghamshire Councils Annual Clearance Schedule. Clearance means surface mowing on the public rights of way network up to the parish boundary where landowners have not carried this out. Parishes can issue a notice to landowners to surface mow the network.

Contact your town or parish council

If you have identified that your town or parish council manages grass cutting in your area, you should contact them directly with any issues or requests.

View contact details for town and parish councils in Buckinghamshire.