Report a problem with a bus stop

Use this service to report:

  • damage to a bus stop
  • damage to a shelter
  • illegal parking at a bus stop
  • bus timetables that are out of date or wrong
  • electronic information displays that are broken or incorrect

What we need to know

Help us locate the problem quicker by providing:

  • images (if safe to do so)
  • a description of the problem
  • the bus stop number located on timetables (if available)
  • a description of its location, including any landmarks

You must have an email address to use the online reporting system (FixMyStreet)

Report now

Bus shelters

Most bus shelters are owned and maintained by either the advertising agency JC Decaux, or by your local town or parish council.

To request a bus shelter in your area please contact your local Town or Parish Council.

Anti-social behaviour and damage to property

If you experience problems of anti-social behaviour at a bus stop, they should be reported to the police.

Passengers dropping litter

We can request that the local town or parish council attach a bin to the bus stop if this is identified as an issue.

Alternatively, residents may monitor the situation and if there proves to be a litter problem, request a public litter bin.

Trees and hedges from private properties obscuring bus stops

The flag of the bus stop pole is an official road sign and must be clear of vegetation.

Timetable cases must be kept clear as this contains important information for bus users, so we can carry out routine maintenance and repairs.