Two successful business bids for Bucks

Two projects within Buckinghamshire have been successful in achieving funding through the Government’s Community Renewal Fund, part of a £200 million boost to help level up communities across the UK.

The fund aims to support people and communities to pilot programmes and new approaches and will invest in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment.

Leader of Buckinghamshire Council, Martin Tett said: “We are delighted that these two projects have been successful in bringing over three quarters of a million pounds into the Buckinghamshire economy. Bucks is already leading the way in working with Government having earlier this year shared with them our Recovery and Growth proposals. We are pleased that the Government has again recognised the strong local business leadership the council and its partners have, bringing in much needed investment that best supports local businesses and the development of much needed skills.”

The two successful Buckinghamshire-based projects are:

Build Back Better Tourism and Hospitality sector in Buckinghamshire (3BTHB)

Buckinghamshire Business First - £728,250 for the Build Back Better Tourism and Hospitality sector in Buckinghamshire (3BTHB). This is for a range of support work-packages to the Visitor Economy businesses. These work packages aim to support organisational resilience and decarbonisation in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Philippa Batting, Managing Director, Buckinghamshire Business First said: “Our Visitor Economy was hit hard during the pandemic and this funding is a fantastic opportunity to help Buckinghamshire’s Tourism and Hospitality sector recover and build resilience for the long term. The project will support businesses and their employees to lower their carbon footprint, encourage green and accessible tourism and invest in the range of digital skills needed to improve their short, medium and longer-term productivity and sustainability.”

Tool Up mentoring into employment programme

£39, 994 for the Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership (NSAP) – to tool up a mentoring into employment programme - this offers a highly specialised tailored programme designed and led by autistic people for autistic people to enhance and develop their employability. The programme proposes to satisfy autistic needs for growth and recognition, reduce social exclusion and remove the disadvantage of disability through a modern digital experience.

Marie Van Herteryck from NSAP said: “We are proud to bring the Tool Up mentoring into employment programme to Buckinghamshire. The programme is developed with the help from leading academics. We start by helping to articulate strengths, set goals and provide 20 weeks of support to achieve them whether it is getting a desired job, an apprenticeship or simply to get ready to start job search. Previous runs of the programme resulted in 32% of participants gaining employment. The Tool Up programme also resulted in higher mentee confidence and a statistically significant improvement in Personal Wellbeing Index quality of life measures of satisfaction with achievement in life, future security, being part of the community, life as a whole and positive autism identity. Mentoring is a goal-oriented relationship where the mentee is in the driving seat based on intrinsic motivation. This is the factor of our success."