Transport for Buckinghamshire – keeping you safe

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) has carried out a number of safety schemes over the summer and whether that’s a safety barrier or an upgrade to a zebra crossing, they will all play their part in keeping us safe.

Safety barriers on sections of two bypasses have received an upgrade, at Stoke Hammond and Aston Clinton. The barrier is something motorists rarely consider but they require refurbishment when damaged to ensure they are fit for purpose in keeping you safe. The end posts on existing sections of barrier have been upgraded to incorporate more innovative features to improve safety.

In the event of a crash, safety barriers can help to prevent motorists and cyclists from dropping into embankments and watercourses or deeper excavations and can shield the travelling public from structures and road side signs. The new style terminal ends on the safety barrier provide enhanced shock absorbent features and acts like a cushion in the event of impact.

A second set of schemes to upgrade existing zebra crossings aims to make pedestrians more visible to motorists. These upgraded crossings incorporate illuminated posts, new beacons, white-lining and anti-skid surfacing. These have been installed at St Marys Way Chesham, outside the Elgivia Centre and Gatehouse Road/Weedon Road Aylesbury.

These schemes form part of seven schemes being implemented across Buckinghamshire, based on analysis of casualty data, offering the greatest effect at collision sites.

Nick Naylor, Cabinet Member for Transport, said "TfB has been busy working on a number of safety improvements this year. The network safety team at TfB investigates and analyses reported injury collision data across the county and selects sites for treatment where the greatest casualty reduction benefits can be achieved. These schemes are good examples of what is being done at sites across the county."