Junction work for new Stoke Mandeville housing estate

Developers of a 125-home estate off Lower Road, Stoke Mandeville, will start work on a new junction layout on Monday (20 July).

A new right turn lane, pedestrian crossing point with central refuge, and a renewed stretch of shared footway and cycleway, will be constructed during the school holidays to serve the Abbey Homes development.

Until Monday 7 September temporary traffic lights 24-hours-a-day outside The Bell pub will control flows each way. The lights will be manually controlled in peak hours to minimise delays for commuter traffic in both directions.

An Abbey Developments Ltd spokesman said: "We're conducting these essential works during the school holidays to cause the least disruption to residents and motorists, and it's our aim to finish them as soon as we're able. Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused."

Nick Naylor, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "I appreciate no one likes sitting in a traffic jam, and I'm grateful to residents and motorists for their patience. These are necessary works to ensure this junction arrangement enables good through traffic flow while allowing residents to get into and out of the new estate. Our highways officers will monitor closely to ensure minimum disruption."

The work is expected to take up to seven weeks and be completed by Monday 7 September.

Lower Road, SM, new junction layout site long-shot twds Ayles DSC_0409

A new right turn lane will be created in Lower Road, along with a pedestrian crossing point and central refuge

Abbey Homes development, Lower Road, SM DSC_0417

Entrance to Abbey's new 125-home development from Lower Road, Stoke Mandeville, which requires a new junction layout