Domestic abuse support in Buckinghamshire during coronavirus

The ongoing coronavirus crisis is putting a strain on many families and individuals, and Buckinghamshire Council is sharing advice to support people who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

Anyone who is suffering domestic abuse can leave home and seek help, despite the government restrictions on movement.

Local domestic abuse services in Buckinghamshire are continuing to offer support, including online and telephone services.

Buckinghamshire Council is working closely with partners to ensure those at risk of domestic abuse are able to access the help they need to be safe.

The social distancing, shielding and isolation measures in place mean that people at risk may find it more difficult to seek help, so it is more important than ever that everyone is aware of the signs of domestic abuse and can help protect each other.

There is also support available to people who want to control their abusive behaviour.

Cllr Isobel Darby, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “There is no excuse for abuse and it is never your fault. Existing abuse can escalate because of stress and anxiety, whilst widespread health concerns and job losses may mean some people experience domestic abuse for the first time. It can happen to anyone, no matter your gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age or background. It is really important for everyone to know that you can get help, you can leave your home to access support which is still available despite the challenging times.

“It’s also vital that we look out for each other. If someone is living with an abusive person during lockdown, they may find it more difficult to protect themselves. Please do not hesitate to report any concerns to Thames Valley Police. You might have seen or heard something relating to a neighbour, a family member or friend, or someone who you are helping through volunteer work during coronavirus. Please report your concerns; someone’s life may depend on it.”

How and where to get help and support: