Buckinghamshire acknowledges one-year anniversary of their successful e-scooter trial

E-scooter trials in Aylesbury and High Wycombe are celebrating a successful one-year anniversary.

The trials, originally aimed to run for 12 months, were recently extended to run until March 2022, offering residents an innovative and environmentally friendly transport choice.

The Zipp Mobility e-scooter rental schemes around Buckinghamshire support the Climate Change Strategy approved by Cabinet in July 2020 by proactively promoting sustainable transport in Buckinghamshire. The e-scooters provide an affordable mode of travel and help to support a ‘green’ alternative to car trips, reducing congestion and improving air quality.

Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport, commented:

“It’s amazing to see the popularity of the e-scooter trials over the last 12-months. For instance, during the first week, the e-scooters in Aylesbury and High Wycombe covered the equivalent of travelling from New York to Los Angeles with more than 2,850 miles between them. Now, a year on, the distance travelled is approximately 168,133 miles, which is equivalent to 6.7 times around the globe!

“The e-scooters have helped support our Climate Change Strategy and, in addition, it’s been fantastic that Zipp has introduced schemes such as ‘Free Rides for the NHS’ – which have provided our amazing frontline workers a free, environmentally friendly, socially distant form of transport.”

Carl Williams, Zipp’s Buckinghamshire Area Manager, said:

“As an Aylesbury-native it’s been a delight to see how well the people of Bucks have taken to our shared e-scooter service. We have had users of all ages, all with very different reasons for using Zipp but all united in their desire to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team here in Bucks are delighted to be assisting the council in achieving its ambitious climate change targets and we are excited to see where the next months of Zipp operations takes us.”

The only e-scooters permitted for use on public roads and cycleways in Buckinghamshire are the rental scooters provided by Zipp. The scooters require a minimum of a provisional driver’s license to drive and are restricted to 15mph, with the capability of restricting speed in high traffic areas using ‘geo-fencing’ technology. This technology controls the routes that the e-scooters can take, restricting to local roads, cycleways and shared cycle-footpaths. Zipp e-scooters are not permitted to be used on major roads or pavements. Additionally, Zipp have launched a new 30-day pass that lets residents ride three individual 30-minute Zipp rides per day for £30.

Initially the e-scooter trial operated in Aylesbury and High Wycombe expanding into Princes Risborough in May 2021. In total, there are 300 Zipp e-scooters available to hire across the three towns.

For further details about the e-scooter trials in Buckinghamshire, please visit our electric scooter trial webpage.

If local businesses in Aylesbury or High Wycombe think they would benefit from a nearby scooter parking bay, they should e-mail [email protected] with their requested location and contact details.

For further details of the legal requirements for privately owned scooters, please visit the Thames Valley Police website.

Buckinghamshire Council Leader Martin Tett trying a Zipp e-scooter at the Green Wheels in Motion event.