#Beconsiderate – motorists encouraged to think about pedestrian safety when parking by schools

Motorists in Buckinghamshire are being asked to think of the safety of pedestrians, as part of a new campaign focusing around schools.

Many children are taken to and from school by car everyday but sometimes in the rush to get there on time, it can be tempting to pull onto the kerb or part way onto a driveway, stop on zig zag lines or even pull into a bus stop. However, vehicles blocking pavements and footpaths often means pedestrians, which can include young children, those with limited mobility and older people, are forced to go into the road to get past, which can be extremely dangerous. Equally, part blocking a private driveway or lowered kerb can prevent larger vehicles including emergency ambulances and fire engines from getting through and pulling into a bus stop can lead to unnecessary traffic queues.

The #Beconsiderate campaign recognises that the majority of motorists do consider pedestrians and other road users when they park but seeks to give a gentle reminder to think carefully about where they stop.

Steven Broadbent, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport said: “The sentiments of this campaign should apply to all motorists. We all know, it’s so easy to pull up onto the kerb if you are quickly dropping someone off or dashing in somewhere to pick something up but have you considered the impact your actions could have on a wheelchair user, a parent with a pushchair or any pedestrian walking on the pavement, especially on a narrow lane or busy road? We know most people don’t deliberately try to cause issues for pedestrians, but inconsiderate parking can be dangerous for everyone, so we are asking people to think carefully about where they stop and to try and avoid blocking access for those on foot or in a wheelchair.”

Schoolchildren in Hazlemere and Flackwell Heath have embraced the idea behind the campaign and took part in a competition to design a poster to discourage parents and carers from parking on pavements on the school run.

Steve added: “It’s also worth remembering, the most considerate parking on the school run is leaving the car at home and walking or wheeling to school. It saves on fuel, avoids poor parking, keeps children active and is better for the environment.”

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Illustration showing a car parked on the kerb and a pedestrian going around it in the road

Poster showing drawings of blue sky, grey clouds and road/pavement

Poster with colourful text and drawings of buses and cars