Former Wycombe District Sports Facility Strategy 2015 to 2020

Last updated: 1 August 2015

This policy was written prior to Buckinghamshire Council becoming a unitary authority.

Where content links to geographically specific legacy content this will be referred to as being from a former Wycombe district area.


Providing excellent sporting facilities for our residents and attracting visiting teams and organisations to our district is a key goal for the former Wycombe District Council.

Over the coming years, the population of the former Wycombe district is expected to grow and one of the biggest challenges we face is to ensure that the quality of life for existing and new residents coming in to the area is improved.

A key part in achieving that goal is to enhance existing infrastructure, including our sports facilities, to support and enhance the expected scale of growth.

In early 2009, the council adopted the Sports Facility Strategy 2009 to 2014 which recommended a series of developments and improvements, including the construction of a new district sports centre and the re-opening of the Rye Lido.

The fantastic Wycombe Leisure Centre will open its doors in January 2015 and will ensure the district remains a hub for sporting excellence for many years to come.

I am pleased to present the council’s Sports Facility Strategy 2015 to 2020, which is a thorough review of the district’s sporting facilities - conducted in line with Sport England guidelines - and an audit of the aspirations of facility-owning clubs.

I am particularly grateful to all the clubs, schools and sports organisations that have contributed towards this strategy, which will enable the council to set out a clear plan for enhancing the sporting opportunities available to residents and visitors to our district.

Cllr Julia Adey, former Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet Member for Community.