Air Quality Annual Status Report 2023

We write an Air Quality Annual Status Report every year for residents and businesses which shows:

  • how we’re monitoring air quality in our area
  • what we've done that year to improve air quality
  • what our priorities are in the next calendar year

Key points

In the report we provide information about:

  • the current situation in Buckinghamshire and the main source of air pollution
  • progress on our Air Quality Action Plan
  • monitoring results for the previous calendar year, which are then compared to Defra’s Air Quality Objectives and previous years’ results

About the data we use

The report shows a summary of the monitoring data we've collated over the last 5 years.

The main part of the report summarises this data, but all technical information can be found in the appendices at the end.

Data includes:

  • diffusion tube monitoring
  • air quality monitoring stations - live data is available on Air Quality England
  • nitrogen dioxide monitoring data

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