Filming on the highways

Buckinghamshire is a film friendly place. We welcome enquiries from anyone who wishes to film on highways to create:

  • non-news films
  • television or stills photography production

To maintain safety and minimise any disruption to the public and business and have developed a Code of Practice. The code applies to everyone involved in productions.

Before you start filming

You must inform us prior to any filming on the highway and provide:

  • a risk assessment
  • a method statement
  • a copy of your insurance policy

Filming on public roads always carries some risk. We prefer that filming does not take place on the A and B roads during peak periods. However, we will consider filming on all roads when it is safe and the public will not be disadvantaged.


Depending on where you are filming, you may have to pay: 

  • £359.00 admin fee for filming applications
  • £185.00 for officers to attend a site visit to discuss filming requirements (per visit)
  • £1,224.00 for filming notices requiring road closures lasting no more than 24 hours
  • £3,031 for filming orders requiring road closures lasting more than 24 hours

How to apply

To get in touch about filming on a public road
email: [email protected]

To apply to film on a highway, use one of the application forms:

Application form for filming - road closure [Word 1.81 MB]

Application form for filming - no road closure [Word 1.80 MB]

Terms and conditions and safety guidance