Buckinghamshire Archives Deaccessioning Policy

Unsuitable records

Buckinghamshire Archives accepts that on occasion in the past it has taken in unsuitable records, for reasons including:

  • not being able to undertake a detailed inspection at the time of accession
  • not knowing whether the records would be useful or not and erring on the side of caution
  • the space was available at the time


Buckinghamshire Archives will consider deaccessioning if the collection meets the following criteria:

  • it was taken for one or more of the reasons above
  • it would not meet the criteria currently applied for accepting collections (see Acquisitions Policy)
  • if the records are worth keeping, whether they would be more appropriately held at another repository

Before deaccessioning, the Archives will consider whether the material has been:

  • accessioned, receipted and reported in the Archives’ annual report or to the National Register of Archives
  • catalogued or conserved
  • used by the public or cited as a source in a publication

If the decision is made by the County Archivist or their agreed representative to deaccession, then the process will follow the internal Deaccessioning Procedure, and full permission will be sought from the depositor or donor as necessary. No collections or items will be deaccessioned without full consultation with the depositor or donor, or against their express wishes.

No documents will be offered for sale. They will be appraised solely on their evidential and informational value and then destroyed, retained or passed to another repository, as appropriate.