Tell us you've moved or your circumstances have changed

If your situation changes, and you think it may affect your Council Tax bill, let us know.

Examples of situations that could affect your Council Tax bill include moving house, or changes to your:

  • household and the number of people living there
  • family situation (that is, through divorce, marriage or separation)
  • income, as this may affect the amount of Council Tax reduction you get

We will send you a revised bill, or let you know what to do next.

Empty properties

You will not usually pay Council Tax on an unoccupied property that is normally rented, but is empty because the:

  • only resident is in prison
  • only resident has gone to live in a hospital or care home
  • Council Tax payer has died (this lasts for up to 6 months after probate or letters of administration are granted)
  • property cannot be lived in by law
  • property is being reserved for a minister of religion
  • only resident is living somewhere else to give or receive personal care
  • property is left empty by a student, who also owns the property
  • property is owned by a mortgage lender
  • property has been left empty by someone who is bankrupt
  • property is an unoccupied caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • property is an unoccupied, separately banded building which is part of another property, but which cannot be rented separately (for example, a granny flat)

What to do if someone who pays Council Tax dies

The Tell Us Once service is a quick and reliable way to let us know when someone has died.

The Tell Us Once team will tell all participating government departments and organisations about the death, including the Council Tax office.