Council Tax system upgrade

We have completed the Council Tax system upgrade but there may still be some delays whilst we process our backlog of requests. Find out about the upgrade and what may have changed for you.

Tell us you've moved or your circumstances have changed

If your situation changes, and you think it may affect your Council Tax bill, let us know.

We will send you a revised bill, or let you know what to do next.

Tell us you've moved

Whether you are moving in, moving out or moving within the county, you will need to let us know that you've moved.

If you are already registered with us to pay Council Tax you will need your Council Tax account number in order to complete the form.

If you live in the Chiltern or South Bucks areas your account number will have recently changed. You will need to refer to the letter issued in September 2022 for your new account number.

We are looking for ways to improve the way you tell us that you have moved and we would value your feedback.

Once you have finished telling us about your move, consider providing some feedback on your experience using our online survey.

Let us know of a change that may affect your bill

If you receive a Council Tax discount or exemption

If you receive a Council Tax discount or exemption and no longer think you are eligible for it, please contact us as soon as possible.

This may be because you:

  • are no longer a student or living with a student (and therefore no longer eligible for the student discount or exemption)
  • no longer live alone (and no longer eligible for a single person discount)

If you receive a Council Tax Reduction

If you receive a Council Tax Reduction (also known as Council Tax support or benefit), you will need to let us know about a change in circumstances.

This includes changes to your:

  • household and the number of people living there
  • family situation (that is, through divorce, marriage or separation)
  • income, as this may affect the amount of Council Tax reduction you get

If you receive a Council Tax reduction, find out more and let us know about a change of circumstances.

Let us know that your property is now empty

If your property is empty you may be eligible for a Council Tax discount or exemption. Find out who is eligible and how to apply.

However, if your property has been empty for a long time you may be charged extra on your Council Tax bill. Find out more about extra charges for long-term empty properties.

If someone who pays Council Tax dies

The Tell Us Once service is a quick and reliable way to let us know when someone has died.

The Tell Us Once team will tell all participating government departments and organisations about the death, including the Council Tax office.