Council Tax system upgrade

The Council Tax system is being upgraded. This will cause some delays but we will be responding to your requests as quickly as we can.Find out about the upgrade and what it means to you.

Council Tax refund scam warning

Look out for scams offering you a Council Tax refund.

These scams are being used to get hold of your bank account details.

The most common scam is when someone telephones you, claiming to be from the council.

They will say that you’ve paid too much Council Tax and that they need your bank details to give you a refund.

Our staff will never ask for your bank details

Never give your bank details to anyone claiming to be one of our staff.

We will never ring you and ask for your bank details.

If you are owed a Council Tax refund, we will either:

  • refund the money directly to your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit
  • post a credit note to your address

To avoid Council Tax scams, you can also:

Contact the Council Tax team

If you have a question about Council Tax scams you can contact us for help.