Council Tax bands and charges

The amount you need to pay depends on which Council Tax band your property is in. Check your property's Council Tax band.

Council tax bills 2020 to 2021

Your Council Tax bill will show your charge from 1 April 2020. This is made up of charges from:

See the list of Council Tax charges in Buckinghamshire for 2020 to 2021 - PDF

You may appeal against your Council Tax banding.

Changes to your Council Tax

There are three changes to Council Tax proposed in 2020 to 2021.

  1. To make Council Tax rates the same for everyone on the same band as we become one council
  2. An increase of 1.99% to meet the increasing costs and maintain services
  3. The government recommended 2% increase for adult social care

Updating the rates for your Council Tax band

Currently, residents pay different amounts of council tax depending on where you live in Buckinghamshire. This is because 8% of your council tax bill has previously been set by each district council – this has been a different amount for each area.

As one council we want a simple and fair approach so that everyone in the same property band contributes the same amount for all council services. We will therefore be making council tax rates the same across the county . This will result in a small change to your council tax.

Depending on where you live this may look as though your bill has increased above the referendum threshold but the threshold is measured against the average bill from 2019/20, and this has not been exceeded.

How the change to Council Tax may affect you

As there are different rates of council tax across the county this means that the change in your council tax will depend on where you live.

The change shown on your bill is the change from the combined amounts for 2019/to 2020 for your district council and the county council compared to the new change for Buckinghamshire Council. This excludes parish, police and fire authority charges.

Breakdown of Council Tax band D
Local area Rate in 2019/20 (band D) Rate adjustment Adult social care precept (2%) 1.99% increase Rate for 2021/20 (band D) Total change for 2020/21 (per year)
Aylesbury Vale £1,483.71 + £2.53 £29.83 £29.68 £1,545.75 £62.04
Chiltern £1,515.95 - £29.71 £29.83 £29.68 £1,545.75 £29.80
South Bucks £1,492.65 - £6.41 £29.83 £29.68 £1,545.75 £53.10
Wycombe £1,466.64 + £19.60 £29.83 £29.68 £1,545.75 £79.11

Your Council Tax bill will show the 2% increase for the Adult Social Care precept as a separate line. This is less than £30 a year and will be used to care for vulnerable adults and older people in Buckinghamshire.

Meeting the growing demand for services

At a time when all local councils are facing financial challenges the proposed budget aims to address unavoidable cost pressures such as the growing costs and increase in demand of adults and children’s social care.

To help provide that much-needed funding, particularly for frontline services that people really depend on, the plans include a ‘cost of living’ council tax rise of 1.99%. In addition, government recommends an additional 2% ‘social care’ increase. This will be used exclusively to cover the growing demand for adult social care and looking after the elderly.