£150 Council Tax energy rebate

If you are eligible for the £150 Council Tax energy rebate and haven't already received it, you can submit a claim online now. Once we have accepted your claim you can expect payment within 10 working days.

£150 Council Tax energy rebate

How to claim the Council Tax energy rebate

Customers will not be able to make payments in person or by calling the council offices between 5pm on Monday 20 June and the afternoon of Wednesday 22 June due to a systems upgrade.

Payments can still be made during this time via our website, by our automated telephone payments line and by bank transfer.

Who needs to claim the rebate online

Automatic payments of the rebate have now been made to those who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit (where we have been able to verify your details).

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit and you have not received your rebate by now you must make a claim online.

Letters for those who do not pay by Direct Debit were sent week commencing the 9 May. These letters will contain instructions for claiming your rebate online.

How long you will have to claim the rebate

You can claim your rebate at any time until August 2022. There is funding available for all eligible properties.

Why you need to confirm your details with us

You will need to supply your bank account details and complete an eligibility declaration so that we can make a payment directly to you. We need to make sure that we are sending the rebate to the correct account.

We have launched the Grant Approval website to collect this information. It is run by a third party called Ascendant. It will look different to our website as they are providing this service to many local authorities.

What you will need

The claim form will ask for:

  • the Council Tax bill reference number and property or local authority reference number for your home (these will be on the letter we have sent you about the fuel rebate or a Council Tax bill)
  • your bank account details so we can make a direct payment
  • your local area (ie this will show as either Aylesbury Vale and Wycombe, Chiltern or South Bucks - this will also be on the letter you receive)

It will also ask for a "Quick Code". This is not needed to progress with the claim so please leave the field empty.

Claim the rebate

You will need to register on the Grant Approval website and submit your details to claim the rebate.

If you have trouble claiming the rebate online you can:

Claim now

When you will receive the rebate

Once you have submitted your claim and we have told you that it has been accepted, you can expect payment within 10 working days.

If we are unable to verify your details with your bank, payment can take up to 4 weeks.

Find out more about when you will receive the rebate and how to check the progress of your claim.