Letters to residents who do not pay by Direct Debit

If you have a letter inviting you to claim the rebate, you can submit a claim online. Once we have accepted your claim you can expect payment within 10 working days.

£150 Council Tax energy rebate


The Chancellor recently announced a £150 energy rebate for most households in Council Tax bands A to D (occupied properties) and some households in Council Tax bands E to H.

The rebate:

  • is only payable to the person liable for Council Tax (one person per household)
  • is a one-off grant that does not need to be paid back
  • will not effect any Council Tax payments going forward and will not appear on your bill

There is sufficient funding available for all eligible properties. You can make your claim anytime until August 2022.

Additional support

If you are struggling or need support with food, fuel or bills, see what additional support is available through the Helping Hands scheme.

Donating your £150 Rebate

If you are eligible for the £150 energy rebate and pay your council tax by direct debit we will have automatically paid the £150 into your bank account.
We appreciate that some households may be in a position not to need this government rebate, and could wish return it. If this is you, and you would rather not keep the £150 rebate, can we suggest you make a donation to a charity of your choice, or to a charity providing support for Ukraine.