Voucher scheme for pensioners

Some pensioners are entitled to a £90 voucher (1 per household) to help with the cost of living this winter.

You will receive a letter containing the voucher if you're a pensioner and:

  • you're aged 66 or over (as of 30 September 2022)
  • you receive Council Tax reduction
  • you have previously been supported through our Helping Hand service

The £90 voucher must be claimed at the Post Office using the barcode on the letter.

How to redeem the voucher

To redeem your voucher you need to take your letter and a form of ID to any Post Office branch in the UK.

The Post Office will exchange the £90 voucher for cash.

Accepted forms of identification are:

  • a valid passport
  • a valid UK photo driving licence
  • a recent council tax bill
  • a recent bank statement confirming your address
  • a concessionary bus pass

The originals must be provided. Photocopies or photos of identification will not be accepted.

Vouchers will expire after Monday 31 October 2022.

You can choose not to use the voucher if you wish.

If you're unable to redeem the voucher yourself

If you are unable to redeem the voucher you can ask someone to claim it on your behalf at the Post Office.

They will need to bring with them:

  • your letter
  • your ID
  • their own ID

If you've lost your voucher letter

If you've lost your voucher, call the Helping Hand Team on 01296 531 151.

You will need to tell us:

  • your name
  • full address

We can then issue you with a replacement voucher and cancel your lost one.

If you've changed address

Contact the Helping Hand Team on 01296 531 151 about any changes to your address. We can reissue the voucher to your correct address and cancel the one already issued.

You should also ensure that the Revenue and Benefits Team have your most up to date details.

You can email them at:

If you need the information in an alternative format

If you need this information in a different language or a more accessible format, contact the Helping Hand Team on 01296 531 151.

If you haven't received a letter or require further support

If you're struggling with the cost of living but haven't received a letter, call the Helping Hand Team on 01296 531 151.

For other support complete our online application form.

Scam concerns

These vouchers have been issued by Buckinghamshire Council for you to claim at any Post Office branch.

You will not need to give any bank account details to receive the payment. You just need to show a valid form of identification.

If you want the Helping Hand Team to validate the scheme please call 01296 531 151.

Fraud prevention

We will be able to check the status of each voucher to see whether it has been claimed and where it has been claimed.

This will prevent misuse of the service.

Contact the Helping Hand Team

If you or someone you know is struggling with rising living costs and has not been supported by the scheme, contact our Helping Hand Team.