Autumn / Winter Events in Buckinghamshire under COVID-19

If you choose to go ahead with your event

If you choose to go ahead with your event, you will need to provide us with a detailed Covid-19 risk assessment and event plan.

Detailed Covid-19 risk assessment

Your risk assessment must:

  • consider COVID-19 transmission and how likely people are to be exposed to COVID – you must take into account age, ethnicity, health status and other factors that give rise to an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  • acknowledge that where mixing may happen, large groups should always be avoided even when social distancing and ‘group of 6’ measures are in place
  • consider that the behaviour of crowds cannot always be controlled - even with careful planning, people can behave in unexpected ways and may not respect your plans, guidance and signage

Detailed event plan

Your event plan will need to cover the arrangements you have put in place to ensure Covid-19 secure measures are always maintained.

Your event plan must:

  • include the maximum capacity of your venue – this total must take into account social distancing, numbers of staff/ trained volunteers
  • demonstrate how social distancing will be adhered to

To ensure you provide all the required information in your Covid-19 risk assessment and event management plan, please use our Buckinghamshire Safety Advisory Group COVID-19 checklist.

Contact your local Safety Advisory Group (SAG)