Autumn / Winter Events in Buckinghamshire under COVID-19


If you are intending to hold an event (large or small), you will need to submit:

  1. an event notification form - preferably 3 months before the event
  2. supporting documentation including a risk assessment and an event management plan

These documents will help us and our partner agencies (Safety Advisory Group) assess the risk and impact your event will have on the local community.

Please also note that not all events will be responded to and any response will be based on:

  • the nature of the event and the activities taking place
  • the number of people attending
  • whether the event will create a significant or unusual level of risk
  • the potential impact of the event on the local community
  • whether previous events have had serious issues or incidents

However, you should still notify if you plan to organise an event so that our partner agencies can be aware of any issues that may occur as a result such as highway congestion.