Covid-19 training and webinars

Infection Control Training

The 2 hour national programme uses a ‘train the trainer’ model. One representative will be trained from each setting. They will then be expected to go back to their setting and pass this training on to all members of staff. The course covers donning and doffing of PPE and how to administer COVID-19 swab testing.

Delegates that have attended have described it as

a real eye-opener

I’m so pleased I did this, I hadn’t realised how much risk we have been taking

It’s so different to what we have been doing, glad I’m learning this”.

These will be virtual sessions but they are designed to be interactive and ‘live’ with the instructors and so you will need to use a device with a working camera and microphone to access the session otherwise the instructors will not be able to sign-off your training.

To request this training please contact the afwresilience mailbox ([email protected])

Buckinghamshire Council and CCG webinars

Future dates and topics for webinars will be circulated via email and also publicised on Eventbrite once dates are confirmed.

Register for the Buckinghamshire Council and CCG webinars on Eventbrite.

Each webinar will include time for questions and answers as well as for participants to share good practice or challenges. Once you have registered we will send you the webinar link.

Online Training

Online training videos for staff working in registered care home, supported living or home care settings, local authority representatives, CCGs, other community service providers and those working in hospital discharge settings.

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool webinar

Duration: 45 mins

Learning objectives:

  • To understand how to complete MUST screening
  • To feel confident to complete MUST screening
  • Understand how to calculate MUST using the BAPEN online MUST calculator
  • Understand the Buckinghamshire Care Home MUST Management Guidelines
  • Understand the information to include on a nutrition & hydration care plan
  • Understand a “food first approach”
  • Understand when it is appropriate to refer to the Community Dietetic Service

Access the training:

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool webinar

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool webinar slides

Hydration training animations

Duration: 6 YouTube videos, 2-3 minutes in duration

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the signs and symptoms of dehydration and how to prevent
  • Understand the importance of reducing UTIs and use of antibiotics
  • Understand how to introduce structured drinks rounds
  • Understand how to make drinks appealing to residents

Access the training:

Hydration training animation videos

Nutrition for Caterers webinar

For Chefs, Catering Assistants, and Nutrition Champions working in Care Homes whose role is central to meeting all residents nutritional needs, including preventing and treating malnutrition

Duration: 37 mins

  • To have an understanding of healthy eating guidelines for the whole population
  • To appreciate how healthy eating for care home residents differs from healthy eating for the whole population
  • To gain an understanding of the impact of malnutrition on health and wellbeing
  • To appreciate the central role of catering staff in preventing and treating malnutrition
  • To recognise that prevention and treatment of malnutrition

Access the training:

Nutrition for Caterers webinar

Nutrition for Caterers webinar slides

Caring for people recovering from Covid-19 (out of hospital)

Tips and practical advice for those caring for people recovering from the coronavirus.

Access the training:

Caring for people recovering from Covid-19 (out of hospital) training

Free training from NHS England available for care staff

As part of the NHS response to COVID-19, NHS England have bought together free, accessible education and training resources in a single place. These resources will ensure staff feel comfortable and confident in their roles during the pandemic and provide guidance in tandem with further support, including face-to-face training. Topics include PPE, infection control and other role-specific guidance.

Further details are available from Education and training for NHS staff in community health services, supporting the response to COVID-19 at NHS.

The skills platform also offer a range a training and resources. You will need to register to access the course.