Visiting a cemetery

The Easter season is an important time for visiting the graves of family members and friends, but the coronavirus situation has meant that some cemeteries have had to close.

There is no general requirement to close cemeteries during the coronavirus outbreak - the decision on whether or not to close a cemetery lies with the organisation that maintains it.

Cemeteries maintained by Buckinghamshire Council are remaining open for the time being, though we ask people to limit visits to two people and to observe social distancing precautions. This situation is under constant review in the light of the developing situation and is subject to any further guidance issued by the government.

The following cemeteries are maintained by Buckinghamshire Council, and remain open for the time being:

  • High Wycombe Cemetery
  • Holtspur Cemetery, Broad Lane, Beaconsfield
  • Parkside Cemetery, Windsor Road, Hedgerley
  • Shepherds Lane Cemetery, Shepherds Lane, Beaconsfield

The majority of cemeteries are maintained by local parish or town councils, who will make their own decisions on whether a cemetery remains open based on their own local circumstances. Anyone wishing to visit one of these cemeteries should check online or otherwise contact the town or parish council concerned.

These are some of the cemeteries in Buckinghamshire maintained by town or parish councils:

Note that graveyards and cemeteries connected with parish churches are usually maintained by the Church of England.