Coronavirus Local Outbreak Plan

Why do we need a Local Outbreak Plan for Buckinghamshire?

We want to keep our residents as safe as we can from coronavirus.

The initial phase of coronavirus was countrywide. As national restrictions are lifted, local outbreaks are likely which will need local action to prevent spread of the virus.

By building on the local knowledge and partnerships we already have, our local plan will add to the national programmes.

What our plan covers

Our Health Protection Board

This will take the necessary action to prevent, contain and manage outbreaks. On the Board we have members from Buckinghamshire Council, Public Health England and the NHS.

Put in place focussed outbreak plans

There will be specific plans to prevent and contain outbreaks in a wide range of settings including nurseries, schools, care homes, colleges, universities, hospices, workplaces and public transport.

Vulnerable people

To engage with groups vulnerable to coronavirus about how to take appropriate prevention measures.

Local testing capacity

To ensure co-ordination of local testing capacity so as many residents as needed can get tested.

Contact tracing in complex settings

Public Health England supported by the council will deliver contact tracing in places like care homes.


So we share and use personal information well and legally to help control outbreaks and monitor the spread of infections in our communities.


We will keep our Buckinghamshire Council workforce safe so services such as bin collection, street cleaning, road repairs, social care and schools can still run.

Communication and engagement

We will do everything we can to communicate with the public so they can stay safe and know what to do to protect themselves from coronavirus and what local measures we need to put in place to achieve this.

Government guidance

If you wish to find out general government information about coronavirus then please visit coronavirus.