The current Local Restrictions Support Grants & Closed Business Lockdown payments (for businesses required to close)

If you are a business rates payer who was forced to close due to national or local restrictions, you may be eligible for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSGC) and a Closed Business Lockdown payment. Different businesses have been told to close at different times due to the changing tiers and restrictions. Businesses can apply for a closed grant for each of the separate periods.

The latest grants announced by the government on 22 February are now being paid to businesses. If your business has already applied for a Local Restrictions Support Grant since 19 December you do not need to reapply. If you have not previously applied, you will need to do so.

Current grants available

If your business has been required to close, you may be entitled to any or all of the following:

  • the Local Restrictions Support Grant from 16 February to 31 March - this scheme closes on 31 May 2021
  • a closed business lockdown payment (a single one off payment) - this scheme closes on 31 March 2021
The amount will vary according to the circumstances of each business. However, as a guide the following grants are available:
One Closed
business lockdown payment
Feb – 21 Mar
£0-15,000 £2,048 £4,000
£15,001-£50,999 £3,072 £6,000
and over
£4,607 £9,000

You may also be entitled to other grants for the period prior to 19 December. Such grants include:

How to apply

Fill out our online form to submit your application.

Apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (for closed businesses)

Earlier local restrictions support grants (for closed businesses)

Applications can be made retrospectively for either or all the following periods if your business was told to close:

  • 5 November to 2 December
  • 2 December to 18 December
  • 19 December to 4 January
  • 5 January to 15 February
Grants for closed businesses are calculated on 14-day payment periods, and vary according to the rateable value of the business premises as follows:
Rateable value Amount of grant per 14-day period
£0-15,000 £667
£15,001-£50,999 £1,000
£51,000 and over £1,500


To be eligible:

  • you must have been trading on the day before the restrictions came into force and must have been required to close on 5 November 2020 by the government
  • you/your company must be the business rates payer and your property must be listed in the local non-domestic rates rating list.

Non-essential retail premises such as public houses and cafes are still eligible to receive a grant if during the national restrictions they continued to offer delivery and click and collect services, where items are pre-ordered without entering the premises.

For a list of businesses that may qualify for the Local Restrictions Support Grant because they were required to close, please visit GOV.UK: local restriction tiers what you need to know.

You will not be entitled to this grant if:

  • you chose to close (rather than being instructed to close by the government) due to lack of trade during the month
  • you remained open and were not instructed to close by the government, for example offices, factories, workshops and other small businesses

How to apply

Fill out our online form to submit your application.

Apply for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (for closed businesses)

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