Reduce the risk at home

Evidence is showing that in Buckinghamshire you are most likely to catch coronavirus from someone you know – most likely from someone you live with.

There are extra steps you can take at home to reduce the risk of COVID-19 that are especially important if someone in your home has symptoms.

  1. Where possible leave indoor areas well ventilated - for more information you can watch a short YouTube video about why ventilation at home is so important.
  2. Regularly clean surfaces that are touched a lot like light switches and door handles and surfaces/taps etc in the kitchen and bathroom
  3. Avoid going into shared rooms where possible if you have symptoms and use a face covering if you have to go into any communal areas
  4. If someone in your home has symptoms they should always use a separate towel
  5. If your home has more than one bathroom, it’s best anyone with symptoms uses a separate bathroom to everyone else. If you all share the same bathroom then make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned after every use

For more information, please visit GOV.UK: guidance for households with a possible or confirmed coronavirus infection.

If you live with someone who is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, over 70 or at a greater risk from COVID-19, there are extra measures you should take if someone in the home has coronavirus symptoms.

  1. If possible, arrange for anyone at significant risk of the virus to stay somewhere else while the rest of the household isolates
  2. If this isn’t possible, try to minimise their contact with other people in the home, including them avoiding using shared areas where possible and maintaining social distance
  3. If you all share a toilet and bathroom, make sure the facilities are thoroughly cleaned after every use, including wiping surfaces you come into contact with
  4. You might want to draw up a rota for bathing/showering, with anyone with higher risk going first

For more information, please visit GOV.UK: guidance for households where someone is at increased risk or has a possible or confirmed coronavirus infection.

Remember, if anyone in the home develops symptoms of COVID-19 then the whole household must isolate immediately. This means not going out or seeing anyone else.

You must book a test for anyone with symptoms as soon as possible by visiting GOV.UK: get a coronavirus test. Please call 119 if you can’t book online or via the NHS COVID-19 app.