Coronavirus volunteer information

Thank you for volunteering to be part of this critical community effort. Your kindness and commitment to others is greatly appreciated.

Here you will find information to help support and equip you in your role of supporting people in the community in Buckinghamshire. These pages are being updated as the pandemic unfolds, so please come back to check about updated materials and resources.

This is your starting point, Covid 19 Social Care Safe Practice materials:

This information is designed to cover core areas of adult social care safe practice – and includes infection control advice, safe handling of medication, safe moving and handling, recognising and responding to swallowing difficulties and how to escalate concerns.

Below you will find some additional materials that may also be useful:

  • Medication guidance - useful and authoritative guidance from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) that re-enforces key messages about medication support
  • Infection Control Advice – useful information about infection control in social care settings, including a downloadable booklet and additional links you may find helpful
  • Moving and Handling video – a video covering a one carer assisted lift from a chair. Please bear in mind this was created before the outbreak of Covid 19, so pay close attention to Infection Control Advice if assisting others in this way
  • Dysphagia guidance – If you are asked to help feed someone with dysphagia, then this straightforward guidance, prepared by a highly experienced Specialist Speech and Language Therapist will be a really useful resource

An important thing to remember is that you are working with people who are experts in their own care. Talk to them, they can explain their care needs and they will welcome the help and support you offer them.

Don’t forget to use the support and advice you have in place.

Remember, be sure to wash your hands regularly and practice social distancing where possible. If you stay safe from infection you are protecting both yourself and the people you are working with, and you will be able to keep helping others who really need it.

I hope you find your new role interesting and rewarding.

Thank you for your help, and stay safe.