Buckinghamshire Council’s coronavirus Councillor Fund

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency situation, Buckinghamshire Council has established a fund of £250k to allow councillors to support their local voluntary and community groups where it is needed the most.

This funding is taken from the 16 Community Boards that were set up as part of the establishment of the new Buckinghamshire Council and the funding will be split between those 16 areas to ensure consistency and a fair distribution.

What can the crisis funding be used for?

  • To meet the needs of vulnerable residents affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation
  • To support activity that is in accordance with the Government’s current public health position (for example, it must promote the message that people should stay home, and if they need to go out, that they must respect social distancing).

Who can apply for the crisis funding?

Registered, not for profit organisations and charities can apply for the funding. The money cannot be used to pay individuals. For those groups not registered, the funding could be paid to the local parish or town council, or a local charity.

How much can a group apply for?

A maximum of £2,000.

How do you apply for the crisis funding?

All applications must be made through your local councillor. Details of who your councillor can be in our Council and Democracy pages.

If your group meets the criteria, your councillor will then complete an application form on your behalf and go through a simple but robust sign off process.

How quickly will the applications be processed?

The council is working hard to set up a process to ensure that payments can be made to groups as quickly as possible. During a normal working week, an application is expected to take no more than four working days. At weekends and bank holidays this may take longer.