Food supply for vulnerable residents

Food parcels

Weekly food parcels from central government are available to those who are shielding and who have registered with the government as needing support getting essential supplies. However, there could be a delay of up to 4 weeks between registration and receipt of boxes (see emergency supplies below).

The weekly food parcels are standard and not tailored to meet an individual’s circumstances, including household size and dietary requirements. The boxes contain goods such as:

  • hot beverages (coffee, tea bags)
  • biscuits, bread
  • cereal
  • tinned veg
  • potatoes
  • long life milk
  • tinned protein (fish, cold meat excl. pork, corned beef)
  • fresh fruit
  • pasta sauce
  • pasta and rice
  • toilet tissue
  • hand soap or shower gel

No longer need a food parcel?

If you no longer need your parcel you should re-register through the GOV.UK website as no longer needing a food delivery. Alternatively, you can inform your delivery driver at the door that you no longer require these food parcels. Individuals that opt out of food parcels will not lose their priority delivery slot with supermarkets.

Emergency supplies

Buckinghamshire Council has a limited supply of emergency food which can be distributed. Any requests for emergency food need to phone the central phone number 01296 395000.