Settling in Buckinghamshire: Information for Afghan migrants

Culture, religion and leisure in Buckinghamshire

Places of worship

The United Kingdom (UK) is a multi-faith society and there are places of worship in many towns. Some newcomers to the UK have found that they have had support and help through their place of worship and have also made friends who have made them feel welcome.

The Inter Faith Network may be able to help you find a place of worship.

There are Mosques in:


Libraries in Buckinghamshire can be used to:

  • access a full range of books, e-books, e-audiobooks, DVD's and newspapers
  • print or photocopy
  • use the computer
  • access other council services and information

Find your local library or join the library online.

Things to do

Buckinghamshire has a range of things to do for residents and people visiting the county.

This includes:

See the Visit Buckinghamshire website for an up to date list of events going on in the county.

Our Family Information Service also have a lot of ideas for things to do in Buckinghamshire with your children.