Health and Wellbeing Fund

The Health and Wellbeing Fund is through the Community Boards scheme.

Community Boards are a new initiative that bring the council, organisations and local people together to look at local issues and find ways of improving them together.

You can apply for the Health and Wellbeing Fund online.

Health and Wellbeing Fund eligibility criteria

Organisations must:

  • be “not for profit” with clearly stated aims and objectives
  • have a formal constitution, set of rules of articles of agreement
  • have a bank account requiring at least two unrelated signatories
  • operate with no undue restrictions on membership
  • have relevant policies in place e.g. Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Insurance and Data Protection

In addition to the above, applications for the Health and Wellbeing Fund must also specify how their project will support the health and wellbeing of residents in the community board area in relation to at least one of the following objectives:

  • promoting healthy lifestyles (helping people be more physically active, eat more healthily, reduce their alcohol consumption, reduce levels of smoking)
  • connecting and bringing people together
  • improving mental wellbeing including promoting neighbourliness
  • improving community engagement with disadvantaged and hard to reach groups with a wellbeing focus
  • helping to create a greener and more sustainable environment for the purpose of improving health and wellbeing
  • Covid-19: Provides emergency provision or supports community recovery

Health and Wellbeing Fund application requirements

Applications must:

  • be for specific time-limited and one-off projects
  • show how the funding will be used to address one or more of the Community Board’s area priorities or alternatively provide evidence a specific local need
  • set out the project’s intended outcomes and evidence how it will benefit communities within the community board area
  • demonstrate value for money
  • where ‘seed’ funding is provided, the application must include a sustainable project plan
  • provide additional evidence, such as audited financial accounts, if required upon request
  • show that other sources of funding have been sought, or that the community board’s contribution is an essential part of a multiple funding package
  • provide details of any match funding (contributions-in-kind will be considered) - proposals with match-funding will be prioritised

Applications must not:

  • be used to fund the statutory responsibilities of Buckinghamshire Council
  • be for political purposes
  • be for the benefit of a single individual
  • seek to fund activity which has already taken place
  • seek to fund activity or facilities which are the primary funding responsibility of another body (e.g. it should not be used for activities normally funded by parish precepts) unless it can be evidenced that the applying organisation is unable to provide the funding itself and has been unable to secure additional funding for the project
  • seek to fund core, ongoing, updating or maintenance costs of organisations
  • seek to fund activity aimed at the promotion of political or religious beliefs
  • come from a commercial organisation when the purpose is to increase profit-making activities

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of the Health and Wellbeing Fund are:

  • acknowledge Buckinghamshire Council’s financial support in any publicity, printed or website material and use the council’s approved logo
  • all quotes from suppliers must be on headed paper, from brochures or websites and must be made available on request
  • if the project requires Planning Permission, Building Regulations or any other form of licence approval, this must be sought before submitting your application
  • you must be able to provide copies of all receipts and invoices associated with your grant upon request as your project may be audited after completion. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep these receipts for three years following completion of the project
  • funds awarded may only be used for the purpose specified in the application; it is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the officers if there are any changes to a project awarded a grant by a community board
  • community boards will make a significant investment each year into local communities. To ensure investment continues to target the correct projects, we require applicants to complete the agreed project evaluation process. Failure to do so will prevent you from being eligible to apply for a further grant in the future