Rules for street entertainers (buskers) in Aylesbury town centre

We welcome busking in Aylesbury Town Centre as it adds great atmosphere to the town.

There are allocated spaces in the town that buskers are allowed:

  • outside HSBC bank near the John Hampden Statute
  • outside WH Smith

Notify the Town Centre Management team

You do not need a licence but you will need to notify the Town Centre Management team.

A minimum notice period of 24 hours is required. Although, more notice is better as we will need to:

  • notify all the relevant authorities that you have permission to be in town
  • check if the space is already booked out

For more information contact the Town Centre Management team on 01296 585 880.

Guidance for street entertainers

There are a number of rules that we would like street entertainers to follow:

  1. a smart casual dress code
  2. a minimum music set of 15 minutes
  3. no use of amps
  4. you cannot sell any products (for example CDs or posters) without street trading consent
  5. you cannot occupy any seating

If we receive any valid complaints they will be investigated and future permission won't be allowed.

Contact us

Contact the Town Centre Management team on 01296 585 880.