Apply for a charity street collection licence

You need a licence if you intend to collect money or sell articles for charity in any:

  • street
  • public place, such as a shop doorway or car park

Money must be collected in sealed tins.

There is no fee for the licence, however, you could be fined £200 if you collect money for charity without a licence.

Who does not need a licence

You do not need a street collection licence if you’re collecting or selling as part of a business.

Before you begin

Contact [email protected] before you apply to check the availability of the dates you require.

What you'll need

You'll need to confirm if:

  • you're applying as a business or individual
  • the collection will be donated to charity or not
  • the benefits of the collection benefit the organisation (or another organisation)
  • you've applied previously
  • you or someone associated has been convicted of a crime or offence

How to apply

You can apply now on GOV.UK.

Apply now

If your application is denied

You should contact [email protected] if your licence is denied.

Supply a return for a street collection

You must submit a returns form to us after the collection, showing:

  • the amount of money collected
  • any expenses
  • a list of the collectors

Download and complete a charitable return form PDF,171KB

You can send the completed form by email to [email protected].

Help with your application

If you need any help with your application, email [email protected].