Delve into the past

Libraries Team, 02 August 2022 - Things to do at your library

Use library resources to find out about your family, famous people or events

Visit our online catalogue to see the wide range of history books we have in a choice of formats.

To discover more about the history of your family, use the genealogical database Ancestry from any Buckinghamshire library, free, with your library card. You can check birth, marriage and death registrations from 1837 and much more.

Using census records, you can find family members and see who else lived in your area or even in your house.

Find the following from our resources page:

  • a selection of local newspapers of 19th and early 20th century Britain. Find out who won a prize for the best pig or who was up before the magistrate!
  • detailed biographies of influential or notorious figures who have shaped British history

You can research the history of your own family or that of someone famous, it has never been easier.